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Letter from William F. Cody to Buckskin Sam Hall


Letter from William F. Cody to Buckskin Sam Hall


William F. Cody


McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, MS6.0050a-b








North. Platte. July. 5th 79

My. Dear. Sam.

Just came in from branding calves. tired out but feeling bully otherwise. [...] to beat h— Sorry you were feeling so blue. and if I was not so hard pushed for scads I would just send you a hundred for luck. but I am pushed to the wall until I can ship beeves or get to work. if I were not going away so soon would have you to come out. but I will make a brake next week first to Colorado then to N.Y. back to Davenport. Iowa where I open Sep. 1st. in regard to you going on the boards again. I must think of it I have not part in either of my dramas that would be suitable for you to play. as I did say that I would never again have another Scout or western man with me that is one whoom I would work up. for just as soon as they see their names in print a few times they git the big head. and want to start a company of their own. I will name afew. Wild Bill. Texas Jack. John Nelson. Oregon Bill. Kit Carson.Capt Jack &c. all busted flat before they were out a month. and wanted to come back because I would not take them then they talked about me. But old Pard I dont realy believe you are that kind of a hair pin. And I will see what can be done. I see in a Chicago paper the other day. where Kit Carson.(Jr.) was arrested for strikeing his wife with intent to kill. was bound over to the next court. I expected as much. when he married that old dame. Kit by the way aint a bad fellow. but he thought at one time that he was a little K Christ. He is out of luck. had better stuck to the old man. run out of paper good by—


With Kind wishes